Kent & Amber Interview with the ‘Christian Post’

One year after nearly losing his life in Liberia, American Ebola survivor, Dr. Kent Brantly, is speaking out about why he has no regrets about serving as a medical missionary in the West African nation.

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Kent and Amber on ‘Morning Joe’ (MSNBC)

This time last year, Dr. Kent Brantly was diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus while working in Liberia. Dr. Brantly survived, and he joins Morning Joe with his wife, Amber, to discuss his experience, which is chronicled…

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Watch an Ebola Survivor’s Powerful Speech to Med School Grads (TIME)

“The most important thing we do is enter into the suffering of others” Dr. Kent Brantly, one of the Americans who contracted Ebola while treating patients in Liberia, told graduates of the Indiana University School of Medicine

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