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Kent and Amber Brantly on ‘The Real Story’ with Gretchen Carlson

“It was the living out of our faith that put us in a place where we were at risk for something like Ebola in the first place but it was also our faith that sustained us through what has been the most difficult experience of our lives.” – Kent Brantly

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‘TIME Magazine’ Features Kent and Amber Brantly

Though the year of Ebola epidemic news coverage has increased public understanding of the virus, Kent’s narrative reiterates how devastating and serious an Ebola diagnosis was, and still remains.

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Kent & Amber Brantly on ‘HuffPost Live’

Watch the on-demand Q&A from July 21, 2015 where Kent and Amber Brantly answer questions from live viewers and from Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

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Kent & Amber Brantly Talk With Ed Stetzer at Christianity Today

You may not remember Kent, and that’s OK, a lot has happened since he was the leading headline of every news station in the world less than a year ago and making the cover of TIME magazine as Person of the Year.

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Kent and Amber Brantly Featured on ‘Today Show’ with Matt Lauer

It was a year ago that Ebola — and Dr. Kent Brantly — became household names. Watch the clip from this morning’s Today Show with Dr. Kent and Amber Brantly sharing about their experience and their new book – out today – Called for Life.

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Washington Post Op-Ed ‘Ebola Still Poses a Serious Threat’

Crisis often generates a tension between fear and compassion. Much of the reaction to Ebola in the United States last year was evidence of fear trumping compassion. Read full opinon piece from Kent Brantly on the Washington Post.

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Kent and Amber Featured in ‘The Dallas Morning News’

Kent and Amber Brantly are about to embark on a book tour, which will end in Dallas-Fort Worth. “Our circumstances have changed, but our calling is still there,” he says of the couple’s plans for the future. The Brantlys have been told many times how their story touched people’s lives. But the story was told […]

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Dr. Brantly to be Honored by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The Liberian President informed Dr. Brantly that the Liberian Government has decided to honor him during Liberia’s 168th independence celebrations scheduled to be held in Greenville, Sinoe County for the sacrifices made for Liberia and its people…read full article on

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Publishers Weekly Says CALLED FOR LIFE a ‘Medical Thriller’

Publishers Weekly recently reviewed Kent & Amber Brantly’s book, Called for Life, and says their story is, “…told in unvarnished detail with pacing that approaches a medical thriller.” Read the full review on PW here.

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AMA Foundation to Honor Fort Worth Doctor Kent Brantly

Dr. Kent Brantlyhas been named the recipient of an American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation 2015 Excellence in Medicine Award. Read full article on the Fort Worth Business Press website

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